Happy new year from the team at Foundation Hosting. 

The packages have been updated for 2018. The packages have been renamed from Free to Steel and from Standard to Gold, also from Professional to Platinum and from Premium to Rhodium. 

These include email capacity upgraded by up to 200% on most plans!* 
Another thing we are looking at doing is providing Game Servers, more information to follow. 
Discord Bot Hosting may be closing going into March 2018 to make way for some new projects & ideas. 

Please let your opinions be heard!  

Also, on the 2nd of January at 7:30am the Live Chat support gets turned back on. We still ask you to use tickets through WHMCS (our home portal.) Asking for support through Discord DM's will only get you sent to the live chat or asked to create a ticket as we now have a zero-tolerance policy. 

If you have more questions on this matter please email administration@foundationhosting.co.uk 

Wishing the best for 2018, 

Foundation Hosting 

*all plans apart from Steel (formerly free)

Monday, January 1, 2018

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